Thursday, March 26, 2015

Your wish is my command

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have been part of a laundry discussion and seen a picture of our really cute AND really functional chore charts. And if you don't, follow me on FB, that is, hop on over and like me or friend me or whatever other weird thing we ask people to do that makes us sound so desperate. Like me, ok? Please? Pretty please??!!! :) But, in seriousness, if you're on facebook, you can find me here.

Back to the business at hand. People weighed in on my 6-year-old's question, asked from the depths of laundry angst, "Mama, how many people in this world do you know that like doing laundry?" A few people chimed in that they liked it, it seems people take issue with the job of matching socks, many expressed absolute hatred, and others said it's not their favorite or least favorite chore. One person not only said she likes doing laundry, but upped the ante by saying she likes ironing. This after another post where I asked myself the age old question, "Why in the heck am I moving this iron to another house?" All I can say is that I am impressed! And what planet are you from? (just kidding!) But mostly they talked about the chore chart.
in all its glory
We have four chore charts on our fridge, one for each kid (not counting the toddler) and one for me. It is laminated and we use a dry erase marker to mark jobs after they're done. Well, truthfully, that's the intent, but we usually forget the dry erase part. But you're probably much more on the ball than I am so you would rock that dry erase marker. I just know it.

Audrey's Mondays are more chore-intensive because the boys are at co-op so we get school done quickly. Similarly, the boys' Wednesdays are more chore-intensive because Audrey's at co-op. The kids and I talked about chores and they helped pick which chores they'd do and which days they would do what. They wanted nothing extra on the weekend. Weekend is only for fun! Elliot's favorite is cleaning the main floor bathroom, Audrey loves washing dishes after lunch, and Isaac loves being the trash man on Thursday nights. As for me, I love chores like mowing the lawn. I do it and it is done for about a week. With laundry and dishes and all the rest, it is a never-ending cycle. Sometimes we get done with a round of laundry and I ask the kids to stop wearing clothes so we don't have so much laundry, but they're not game. Understandable.

We've been at it for a bit over a month. It's going pretty well. Yes, we still forget things. Yes, days get busy and we choose sledding outside over vacuuming the basement. Yes, the bathrooms that the kids clean are less than stellar, but it's better than nothing and I don't have to clean all of them by myself. As an added bonus for all of us, I do a lot less grouchy reminding (code word for nagging) because it's right there for them to see. Win/win, people.

You can print your own chore chart right here.

Happy cleaning. Hope this helps.

Would you rather do all the laundry in your house or be solely responsible for bathrooms? Ugh! How could I decide? What's your favorite chore?

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  1. Because I live at home, and my mom is super particular about laundry, she never has me do her loads...unless she's already separated them into her preferred piles (I will never figure them out, nor will I learn to load the dishwasher exactly how she likes it). However I have start keeping my dirty clothes in my own room so Sunday afternoon/evening I wash my sheets, and 2 loads of clothes. Because I work an office job I wear things multiple times and don't mind laundry because its manageable. I am not a fan of ironing, and only do it when I absolutely have to. Washing the dishes is no big deal, but again, I am not allowed to load the dishwasher, or I have to do my best and not care when it all gets rearranged anyways.