Wednesday, April 15, 2015

lessons. teachers.

I am my kids' teacher. As a homeschooling mama, I fill out the lesson plans and correct the assignments, ensure they take the state-required tests and hopefully help them love learning in the process.

I am my kids' student. They have so much to teach me every day about life and laughter and faith and humanity.

Last night I was brushing Audrey's hair after her bath. Out of the blue she asked me why God let bad things happen. I asked her what kind of bad things she was talking about. "People getting hurt and being sick and people dying. . . well, not dying." I told her that I wondered the same thing. That if God can do anything, why doesn't God just take all of the bad things away. I also said that even if the person dying isn't in pain anymore, it usually leaves a lot of people here on earth really sad.

"Yeah. I know what you mean," she replied.

I asked her why she thought God didn't take away all of the bad, hard things in people's lives.

"Maybe because we have things to learn from the hard stuff. And then eventually the hard stuff just becomes easy." (She saw this in action yesterday while watching her little brother endure the horrible injustice of having to learn to subtract nines when clearly that is enough to kill a person. But, wait a minute, he kept at it, listened to me explain it in a different way, laughed at his silliness, and got every problem right. Hard stuff gets easy.)

I asked her if she had any ideas about what we could learn from going through hard times. She thought about that for a minute, but wasn't sure. I continued brushing her hair. Asher continued pulling on her pajama pants leg.

I said, "Maybe it's so we realize that we're stronger than we think we are. Or maybe so we see that God had a plan for us all along and we just wanted it to end in a way it wasn't supposed to end. Or maybe it's so that when things start getting easier again, we help people who are having a hard time just like people helped us."

We talked about buying our house and she said it's weird to think that we don't really have a house right now. I let her know that not owning a house is very different from being homeless and that we're so fortunate that no matter what happened, that would not happen to us. She agreed that even if this house hadn't worked out, we could have lived with nana and babu for a while and something would have worked.

There are so many things in this life I don't understand. It's really enough to fill volumes of encyclopedias in hundreds of thousands of languages. But I know that there is room to grow and learn and love everyday. And I am learning it from a host of people and experiences, but especially these four people I am lucky enough to call my kiddos.

I love these little lessons, these beautiful reminders, that happen in the quiet moments of life. I love my little teachers.

What life lesson have you been reminded of recently?

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  1. Beautiful words my friend. Oh man, the God questions can be so hard, but I think starting by asking them why they think is an important step. Also it helps you steer the conversation, because there are so many different answers to those questions. We are definitely stronger than we think we are, and God gives us the majority of that strength. To go on to the next day despite the trials of today.