Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Our favorite little creek

We recently said goodbye to Minnesota and all of its 10,000+ lakes, including the one less than a mile from our front door and our favorite day trip lake, Lake Superior. Luckily we ended up in a town with a lake, although it's not for swimming, and right in the heart of Bear Creek Canyon. I didn't know Bear Creek existed when we chose our little mountain town. We picked it for a lot of other reasons, but Bear Creek is quickly becoming one of our favorite little places to explore, throw rocks, get soaked, and relax. There is just something about the sound of water bursting over rocks and bubbling along gently that soothes a ragged spirit.

A few weeks ago the sun was shining and the breeze was gentle. Asher, Audrey, and I picked the boys up from co-op and headed to a park to splash and play and run. I may have said do not cross the creek up to your waist right before we go to the car and I might have been immediately ignored which might have been really annoying, but other than that, we had a wonderful afternoon. It is such a treat to get to know our new town and state.

Asher was along for the fun; he just stuck with me since I can just imagine him trying to learn to swim on his own by diving headfirst into the water. He's got to keep up with those big siblings!
Here's the get soaked 20 seconds before we're getting in the car against your mother's explicit directions not to moment.

Many of the days since these pictures were taken have been a bit more difficult, but yesterday we went back to the creek and had a nice little afternoon of playing. We're looking forward to more fun days ahead.

What's your favorite spot to explore in your hometown? 

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