Friday, April 17, 2015


Here are the details on our big, big, HUGE day.

We have a walk through at the new house this morning. Assuming no one is scared off by all of this snow, courtesy of our first big spring storm. This is actually a very real concern. Schools are closed and there's over a foot of snow outside. Eeeeek.

Gosh, now I'm remembering when the people who bought our home in MN came for the walk through and I cried the entire time. They probably thought I was crazy. I thought maybe I was crazy. Crazy for selling the house and moving to who knows where. Because at that point it really was who knows where since we were going to be in Omaha for 7 weeks and didn't have any idea where we'd end up after that. I mean, we knew Colorado and the Denver area, but that's it. Gosh, looking back on this, how did I think it was a good idea? Did any of you try to talk me out of this? What were we thinking? Ha!

Here's what we were thinking: let's go chase a dream. Let's see what's out there. And, man, are we glad we did. We miss many people in MN. Many, many people. (Hi. If you're reading this in MN, I'm probably talking about you. Miss you! Come visit. We're about to have a spot for you.) But we're home now. And this morning we're getting one last look at our new home before it officially becomes our new home. Hooray!

Then we'll go to closing.

Then we'll have a house. A house with a big, beautiful yard for baseball and tag and bonfires and observing nature and maybe trying our hand at high altitude gardening if we're feeling really, ridiculously ambitious and like we want to spend a lot of time and effort in order to feed the elk population. A house with a big deck connected to our school room so we can just pop outside and do our lessons on the gloriously sunny days we love. A house with bright red walls in the master bedroom and fuschia walls in the master bath AND on the ceiling, because apparently the previous owner's daughter's motto regarding painting is Go Big or Go Home. A house where we will raise our kids and make memories and laugh and cry and laugh some more, hug and argue and hug some more, grow and love and grow some more.

We have a lot of work to do. Some of it will happen before we move in and other projects will wait a while. But we are all so eager to get settled, invite the neighbors over for an ice cream social, play ball in the backyard, and get off of the real estate roller coaster that has been our life since last May when we put our house on the market.

So, after closing there will be a lot of squealing. There will be five very happy humans in our family and one who'll squeal along with us because we look happy so he should, too.

All six of us. Together. Right where we should be. Wow. It was a long time coming. Less than a year in the physical sense, but many years in the emotional sense for our family. So, yes, a loooong time coming, but it feels so good.
a picture from our first visit to our new hometown back when we were in Omaha and drove to CO to scope out the situation


  1. Good luck today!!! I'm sure it will all work out as it is supposed to, I can't imagine a foot of snow, I've been wearing sundresses all week!

    1. Closing is done!! Wahoo. I will have a whole post on how this worked out so perfectly. And, we got 30 inches of snow since yesterday so no sundresses today, but it'll be melted in a few days.