Thursday, April 23, 2015

Welcome home-The Main Floor

Welcome to our humble abode. We welcome all visitors, but not mice. Hear that, ya sneaky little squeakers. We're after you!

I hope lots of our friends and family will see the house in person sooner versus later, but I'm also going to give you a little tour here. It'll also be fun to compare before and after shots. Today we'll start with the main floor. 

Here's the front of our house back before we got three feet of snow last Friday. Oh my goodness, we've owned our house for almost one week! Yesterday we had some bare spots in the grass and less than 6 inches in most other places. The grass poking through was green so it definitely enjoyed its spring soaking.

Here's what you see as you open the front door.
Coat closet on the left. The first door in the hallway is another small linen closet and then there is a half bath. You can see the spindles on the right. Behind the open door are the stairs up.

Hall closet.
Better view of doors and hallway, plus dancing child and toddler. The existing hardwood was all sanded down and left natural with a clear coat of varnish, or, you know, the stuff they put on hardwood. (Yes, I am a professional in the flooring world. . . why do you ask?) HA!
The bottom of the stairs.
This is a view of the living room from the front hallway. We will have carpet in this room.
View of the living room from the dining room.
View from our living room window.
The view of our dining room from the living room. The chandelier will obviously stay and be part of the house for as long as we live here. I mean, who could part with such beauty? But really, we'll keep it for a while because anything that's functional is staying and we'll gradually update things as the cash flow allows. We had hardwood put in here and it will match the existing hardwood that was in the entrance, kitchen, and eat in kitchen area.
The view of the kitchen from the dining room. Along the right side of the picture, there is a small amount of cupboard space, then the fridge, then a nice sized pantry. Eventually we'll tear out the cupboards to make room for a larger fridge and put in small cabinets. That's a someday project. We have lots of those. In fact, I think the entire kitchen is a someday project, aside from flooring and mouse killing.
View of kitchen from eat in area.
Eat in area, as seen from hallway. There is a small deck off of this room and that deck is connected to our big deck. Right near Audrey, kind of behind her, is the door to the basement. Missed that in the pictures.
My beloved schoolroom. This room will have the same carpet as the living room.
View from the eat in kitchen area.
View from the corner of the room. Note the built in bookshelves and desk. The desk is actually a writer's desk and Jim found the fold up panel in the garage so you bet your bottom dollar that is being put back together. It's been a life long dream to have a desk like that. I kid you not. I set my goals high, ya'll! And now, mission accomplished! You can also see the sliding door out to our deck/outdoor school room. I swoon!
We'll be scouring Craig's List for a table and chairs for school and dinners and backyard parties.
Better view of the fireplace. I'm envisioning some pillows on the flat part, maybe eventually some bookshelves lining the sides. What do you think? I'm not crazy about the look of it, so what would you do? We're painting the entire room this weekend.
Half bath off of the hallway. Also, the 11 year old got his decorating prowess from yours truly. How do I know? This quote: "Wow, this must have been redone recently. Look at that cool sink." Just. No. But, it stays for now, as does the blue-ish green-ish toilet. They work so they stay. P.S. Currently accepting winning lottery tickets for Mother's Day and my birthday. :)
View from our front porch.
Side view from our front porch. The dumpster is gone. We'll keep the shoveler. Also, it came with a basketball hoop, Hooray! The seller also left his riding lawnmower and snowblower. Those will both come in handy. Isaac can't wait to learn to use the riding lawnmower on our big yard.
View of the other side of the house.
View of the side/backyard.
And finally, the view up the stairs. That bright purple bathroom used to have a matching ceiling. Take note, friends: Don't paint your ceiling obnoxious colors. A few coats of ceiling paint and we're back in business.

We'll tour the upstairs in a few days. Yesterday we went and painted some more ceilings, closed off some mouse entrance holes, and started to prime walls. The hardwood will be done today and the carpet will be done on Friday. It's starting to feel so real. Pinch me! Is this really happening? Obviously it needs lots of updating, but I hope this gives you a feel for our home and all of its "perfect for us" perfection.

Also, I am terrible, horrible, rotten at all things decorating. Any tips or ideas are welcome. I can't say I'll follow them because I'm also really cheap and hate spending money on anything other than books or school supplies or note cards to send to people, but I'll take it into consideration.

So, what do you think?


  1. We have candles in a fireplace at our house. I think it will look great once you start getting some personal items up, and I love the peek inside!!

    1. Thanks! We love it, warts and all, and think it will be stupendous. Paint and flooring will do wonders!

  2. Thanks for the tour. It's so perfect for your family - I am jealous of the book shelves! I can't wait to see it in person. I hope Rich and I can wander down to Evergreen and Denver some time soon!

    1. Yes! Visit! We're not far at all. You definitely have a place to stay here.

  3. I'm so excited for you just reading your post! My house that I'm planning on selling semi soon was a foreclosure and I had to redo A LOT, which was really fun. Your comment about the purple ceiling made me think of the ceiling in my third bedroom a.k.a my closet room. When I moved in, the previous owner had tried some type of splatter paint look for the ceiling but had a failed attempt. It was red and looked like splattered blood- not very appealing for a home.

    1. We are so excited and think it has so much potential. Our master bathroom has fuschia walls and ceiling and our bedroom is bright red. They were definitely a fan of really atrocious colors!

  4. How exciting… a blank slate, I love it!
    I can't wait to see the progress photos as you paint the rooms! It's amazing what just paint will do, the house will be completely different after you paint over all those crazy colors. (I love color, but those are extreme!) I think it's awesome that you are you are pretty much a professional painter… now you can really use one of your talents to transform this home!

    The main floor of your house is the same floor plan (flipped) as our first Holland home! We loved the big living room in that house. Even down to the layout of the kitchen (we had the exact tiny cabinet next to the stove) and we had a 30 year old stove and dishwasher too! The only difference I see is we had a wall next to the eating area (off the kitchen) that was a half bath before you walked into the family room… I love that your family room (school room) is open to the kitchen area… it's awesome! I LOOOOOOVE that huge deck! For the fireplace, I would paint the stone and leave the mantle and bench dark (but I paint everything!) ;)

    Craig's List will be your new best friend… we found so many great buys on CL! When we were remodeling our current house, the pedestal sink we really wanted for the kids bath was $400 new, but I found the same exact sink on CL for $75. (Rich Dutch people are awesome… they have enough money to tear out perfectly good things, but they're too cheap to give them away, so they sell great things on CL!) since I'm Dutch, I'm allowed to say that ;) In your half bath I'd replace the blue/green toilet (we just got a new toilet for $98 last week) and then just put a new sink top on the cabinet that's there. $200= new bathroom! I have a PB chrome bathroom light fixture I can bring for you when we come next time. (It's been sitting in a box in our basement for 3 years!)
    Let me know anything else you're looking for… once mom and dad's house sells, we could give you some of the things we bought to stage their house. We also have some light fixtures (outdoor and indoor). if you need any others?
    I wish we could be there to help… this looks so fun!!! I may be crazy, but I would always choose to buy a house to transform into my own, rather than buy one that's finished!

  5. DeNae, I'm new around here, but I've had fun clicking through and reading about your moving adventures. What a great floor plan to fix up and make your own! How exciting!