Friday, July 31, 2015

Almost Full Moon reflections

Last night we walked home from Audrey's end-of-season softball party. Her coach lives on our road so it was a nice, little commute for us. One in a wagon, one on ripstick, one on bike, another walking. We made our way up the road. We stopped to ooh and aah the 12 point elk grazing in one of the yards. Then I looked up and saw the moon as it crept up over the mountain, showing itself in all of its beauty. Oh, was it ever marvelous. I pointed it out to the kids and we took some pictures that, of course, don't do it even one iota of justice. It changed a bit with every step we took as our perspectives changed.
Sir Elk hanging out in the neighbor's yard
It's so hard to see in this junky cell phone picture since the flash brightened the sky,
but that wee orb is the glorious moon coming up to say howdy.
I came home and got kids situated in bed and checked out facebook and at least three friends either posted pictures or mentioned the beauty of the moon. Four people in four cities in three states in two time zones remarking about the spectacular display of natural beauty going on outside our doors.

That got me thinking.

We are all on this earth, gazing up at this same sky. We are all on this little planet during this same little blip of time. We share this amazing, little home. I find that absolutely remarkable.

Every  night I am looking up at the same sky, marveling the same creation, sharing many of the same exultations and worries as people all across the world.

Yet we argue and whine, gossip and backstab, compare and covet. And, if I'm honest, that's just me on a regular Tuesday. On a grander scale, we war and rape, destroy and disregard. We do not live our lives as though we are tiny specks breathing the same air inhabiting the same tiny space.

Maybe that's why I love the uninterrupted night sky. Maybe that's why I have found my heart's delight living in the mountains. Maybe that's why I can gaze at the ocean for hours, watching the waves meet the sand. All of those things, those great, expansive, glorious things, remind me of my place here.

I am only passing through here. The world was here long before me and will continue long after I am gone. Therefore I am compelled to use my time here wisely. To love. To take chances. To fail and then take the chances again. To treat people well. To give grace and receive grace.
I fail. In fact, I fail a lot. In fact, I fail a lot every single day. I am a work in progress, working towards being the living expression of God's kindness. Can you imagine if we all did that? Can you imagine if we all lived like neighbors gazing at the same remarkable sky?

Today I'm working on that. I'm working on being the living expression of God's love to everyone I come across. Again, if I'm honest, it's a lot easier to act this way to the acquaintances and friends and strangers.

To day in and day out act this way to my husband and kids is more difficult. We are sharing this same space, sinning these same sins, pushing these same buttons, holding these same grudges. So I work and pray and pray and work and repeat the word "grace" to myself over and over.

Let's live in harmony with the people with whom we share a bathroom, the people with whom we carpool, the people with whom disagree on pretty much all levels. Let's rejoice when others rejoice and weep when others weep. It's not easy. It's just right. It's just the first step in filling this world up with love. Today, let's look up and look out to better remember our place in this vastness and to better appreciate the people sharing this same, crazy ride.

Check out tonight's full moon. Share pictures if you snap a really pretty one. Wishing you a lovely weekend, full of love and grace.

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  1. Love this. Simply beautiful. And oh how true. xo