Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Celebrating August

It is August. Two Augusts ago, five vanWestrienens were waiting with bated breaths and one vanWestrienen was waiting with growing belly. We knew that this would be baby month. Since my due date was right in the middle of the month, we figured that if all went well, the baby would be here sometime in August. I knew it would be later than earlier because after Isaac, born at 39 weeks, my babies just kept wanting to cook longer and looonger and loooooonger.

My belly was rubbed, pictures were taken, adventures were had, silly videos were made, and stories were read to my tummy as we awaited the much anticipated arrival of our baby cuatro.

Now it's August again. Two Augusts have passed and baby cuatro is big and beautiful and hilarious and so ridiculously verbal. We called Elliot the cherry on our ice cream sundae of a family and now we know that Asher is the extra dollop of whipped cream. He is sweet and just the perfect little person for our family. His name means Happy, Fortunate, and Blessed and if you've met him you know it fits him to a t. His smile and giggle and loving personality are the sweetest. He'll also scream at the top of his lungs if he wants to ride a 9-year-old's bike and we won't let him, but such is life. And if you deny him pistachios. . . well, just consider yourself warned.

He knows the difference between Swiss, Gouda, and Muenster and is very vocal about his preference for "doooda!"

There is a saying that (hu)man(s) cannot live on bread alone, but Asher is willing to bet that he could live on watermelon alone. Unfortunately he has parents who are pretty intent on rounding out the food groups.

His facial expressions are an absolute hoot.

He is breastfeeding's biggest fan. I do believe it even trumps watermelon. Once he's finished on one side, he scoots himself over, says, "switch sides," and waits expectantly, smiling up at me just happy as can be.

When he sees the neighbor's dog outside, he says, "Suzanne. . . doberman. . . bark."

He listens in to Little House in the Big Woods and sometimes he'll grab the book later in the day and give a short synopsis. "Pa. Bear. Grandpa's house. Dance." Spot on, baby boy!

He loves being outside and is pretty sure he could do everything his big brothers and sister do, if only we would allow him to try. Biking, hiking, running, and exploring are some of his specialties.

He loves Bear and lets him know who's boss.

I tried to take a picture of a toddler and a dog. Ha! Nice try.

He loves taking baths with his big brother or sister, puts a washcloth on his tummy, and shouts, "Wear lifejacket!"

He loves going to baseball and softball games and loves to "hit da ball!"

He thinks swimming in lakes is better in theory than practice.

He loves pizza and "pizza bonfire fire pit" is even better, probably because it combines two of his loves: pizza and "outside." Here he's organizing the stone blocks for the fire pit. He is quite the helper.

He gives "bro hugs," which are one armed hugs with pats on the back, and "cuddle hugs," which are a big, deep, lingering hug. When anyone is hurt he runs to the person and gives cuddle hugs because bro hugs just won't do in that situation.

He runs from one side of the living room to the other with his hands high above his head shouting, "AMAAAAAAZING!"

When anyone says they're going anywhere, doing anything, or eating any food, Asher again throws both hands over his head and shouts, "Me? Me? Meeee?" He is not about to miss out on one single thing.

He has a calling as a Wal-Mart greeter. Anyone he sees is greeted with a hearty, "hello." During the sharing of the peace at church he walks around with arm outstretched and smile flashing, ready to shake hands and say, "hi."

We all want to press stop and keep Asher just perfectly almost two Asher. He is at such a fun age, but there is more fun, adventure, love, and discovery to come so we'll just enjoy the ride!

FYI: baby cuatro, aka Asher, Asher boy, Chooch, Choochie face, and Boo Boo, was five days past his due date, but as you can see, he was totally, absolutely, 100% worth the wait. We didn't know we needed him, just him, but we did.

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