Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Perks of homeschooling

"We are probably the luckiest people in the world."

My 11-year-old was speaking to the fact that we got to spend the first real, play in the snow, snow day outside. There are days he fully understands the benefits of homeschooling and snowy days rank right up there. (On the other hand, we are reading a book that talked about kids sometimes wishing they had different parents. Isaac admitted that he sometimes wishes he had different parents when he doesn't want the food we're having for lunch and we tell him he'll have to have it for snack if he doesn't eat it now. I'm okay with that and feel pretty good if that's my worst offense.)

Audrey walked downstairs this morning, saw the snow, grabbed a ruler to measure it, and ran to the school room to get a head start on the day, knowing that means extra time to frolic.
Up early to measure the snowfall

Snow angels. Sledding. Shoveling. Building a snow horse (instead of man). Eating snow. Rolling in snow. You get the point. It was the perfect snowy day to break out the shovels and sleds and enjoy the beautiful weather.

They played for a few hours. We ate, read, finished school, and now Audrey and Elliot are back out, taking advantage of the iced over sled track.

For the record, Bear loves the snow like he's a caribou or something and Asher is slowly warming to it, which means before he came in he worked up the nerve to stick his booted foot into the corner of the shoveled snow. Living on the edge!

 Now lasagna is in the oven for an early dinner before volunteering at church and confirmation class for Isaac.

It was a lovely little snow day. Sometimes those kinds of days come just when you need them.
Sending a little bit of snowy happiness your way! Or we can subtract the snow if you're not into that sort of thing. 

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  1. Awesome day! We spent this past weekend in Vail, and we ate up every chance we had to be out in the snow. It's so pretty, reflecting like millions of diamonds!