Friday, November 27, 2015

The day after

Maybe your Thanksgiving was perfect and phenomenal and all of the dishes were finished at the same time and no one talked about Donald Trump or refugees and then argued or gave/got the silent treatment for the rest of the day. Maybe all the kids wore matching outfits and no one judged your parenting and no one got the stomach flu.

But maybe, just maybe, someone threw up (that happened here) or wept into their mashed potatoes because this is the first holiday (or thirteenth holiday) without a beloved family member. Maybe someone got in an epic argument for the ages. . . politics, religion, the proper way to stuff a bird . . . really, it could be anything, and no one is really sure how it will turn out.

Or maybe it was in between. A nice little day with people you sometimes argue with and sometimes laugh with, but always love fiercely, even when you don't exactly like them all that much. The food was good. You ate too much. Football. Cards.

We put a lot of pressure on the holidays. If they don't go well, we are a big failure. If they go well, our lives are great, right up until the minute that they aren't. But boil it down and the holidays are just another day wrapped up in traditions. The purpose of them isn't stress and outdoing ourselves or the people on facebookinstagramtwitterlatestnewthingidon'tknowabout. It's about celebrating the good. Being the good. Offering thanks. Living thankful. Loving harder. Forgiving bigger. Holidays are just another day.

So, please, let us all remember that no matter how yesterday went, it's not an indication of how today will go. We can move forward from whatever happened yesterday or last week or last Christmas Eve or on our 3rd anniversary or when we were kids. We can let go of the expectations of how the next month will go and how 2016 will start.

We can live today, the very best we can.

I truly hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. But if you didn't, it'll be okay. Today's a new day with a fresh start and a new chance to do the best we can.

(Psssst. If today's rough, too, we have the same chance tomorrow. The sunrise is good like that. It just keeps on coming, with love and opportunity anew.)

Here's to Friday and fresh starts.

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