Friday, December 11, 2015

a haircut

Some things just need to be documented. Take, for instance, Asher's haircut earlier this week. All three boys needed haircuts or a surgery to have their eyeballs lowered since they could barely see. Off to cheap haircut spot we went. An older man was getting his haircut and Asher wanted to know his name. By that, I mean he asked me 35,032 times, "What his name? What that man name? What his name, mama?"

Finally I responded, "I don't know. Maybe George."

"His name George. Hi, George." And from then on, that man was George. "George" finished up, paid, and went on his  merry way, when another older gentleman came in. "Oooh, mama, look. There another George." The whole place is laughing by now because Asher, looking spiffy in his brand new haircut, is a hoot, making buddies with everyone, whether or not their names were George. All the hair cutters loved him and the woman waiting for three boys to get haircuts was making googly eyes at him and waving.

We went to pay, requesting no suckers, so the woman gave us four stickers. Isaac is not into stickers these days, being the ripe old age of almost 12 (gasp, gag, huh?, gasp!), so we had an extra. Audrey tried to give the extra to Asher, but he walked up to the woman waiting and said, "You want my star sticker?"

She smiled, looked at me like she was in love and would kidnap my kid in a heartbeat, and said, "I think I need to wait to get a sticker until after my haircut."

Asher thought about it, walked around a bit, then came back to her. "You want my star sticker? You can have my star sticker." (big brown eyes, beseeching her to please, ma'am, take the sticker.)

Come on. How are you going to resist that? She couldn't. There was a 60+ year old woman sitting in cheap haircut spot, sporting a bright silver star on her black sweater. Her smile matched the star as she beamed.

This is what kids do. They love people and make people smile. They also fill their diapers, spill a lot of water, and need plenty of reminders about picking up toys. But, generally speaking, they do a bang up job of loving and lifting up other people.

I want to get on my high horse, because I'm angry and sad and heartbroken about a lot of big things, but I'm not going to.

I'm just going to say Be Nice. It matters.

Smile at people. Give them stickers. Wave. Give compliments. Hug. Cry when people are crying. Look for our similarities and build on them. Share your brownies. Lift each other up.