Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Family Dinner Book Club

In a perfect blogging world, which is a world I have never and will never inhabit, I would have come up with this idea on my own. In a semi-perfect blogging world, our family would participate in this each month and I would take ah-maaaaazing pictures with a pristine, white background with my kids wearing matching monogrammed clothes.

In the real world, right here on the planet earth, I will share this wonderful idea with you, (hopefully) join in on the reading adventure each month, hope you'll join the fun, and maybe, just maybe, blog about it. If there are pictures in the blog, my kids' clothes won't match, mine might, and none of the boys' hair will be brushed. You'll see dirty laundry and/or unfolded blankets and/or dirty dishes in the background. True story, folks.

So, without further ado, I introduce to you: Idea I Wish I'd Thought Of.

Each month the family reads a book together, alternating between chapter book and picture book, and then picks a night to have a themed dinner and easy table crafts to go along with the book. The genius behind the blog Growing Book by Book also gives conversation starters related to the book AND a family service project that compliments the title. Can you even stand it? I am in love with this idea for a few reasons.

A: I love reading, cooking, talking, and serving with my kids, so this combines most of my favorite parts of parenting. (Now I just need to find someone to clean the kitchen, spit spot.)
B: I don't have to think of a darn thing.
C: It's free.
D: I don't need a D. This is so exciting. A-C is plenty for me!

The kids and I have read many of these, but I look forward to exploring them in new ways and getting introduced to new books. My kids range in age from nearly 12 (aaaahhhhh!!!!) to 2, but I know a good picture book will draw in the older kids, not to mention adults, so we're all going for it.

Who's in? If you're in, what book are you most excited about?

Happy Reading!

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