Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Heartbroken. Again.

Do you always, always, always have that gnawing worry in the pit of your stomach?

Why do we keep hurting each other? Not hurting each other. Stubbed toes hurt. Paper cuts hurt. Being called stupid hurts. We are outright gunning each other down. Massacring each other.

Picking up a gun to kill someone, much less multiple people, isn't anywhere on my list of possible actions. It doesn't register as an option for me.

It's true; I think about what I would do if someone hurt my child. I say I would want to kill them with my bare hands. But that's not a real possibility. As much as I hate violence, sexual predators, and murder, I respect life and love and humanity even more.

I don't know. I just came here to shed a few tears with people. To kind of wrap my arms around you and feel your arms around me as we mourn and shake our heads and wonder what we do next. To wipe our tears and decide to make new connections and forge new relationships to try to be the person who notices someone is off or overhears a conversation about violence. To mentor youth. To raise our kids with love and respect and consequences. To be champions for mental health care. To never stop caring, even when it hurts. To never stop fighting, even when it seems useless.

What are we going to do, you guys? Really. What are we going to do?

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  1. At work today we have two tvs. One of which had CNN, the other of which had ABC family. I'm glad I sit on the ABC family side of the room, the news is so heartbreaking these days I don't even want to watch it.