Thursday, December 24, 2015

Silent Night

The candles are passed around and lit, the lights are dimmed, and the song starts.

The kids look at me, nudging each other, because they know I'm crying like I did last year and the year before and like I'll do next year, too.

I'm crying tears of despair at babies washed ashore as families flee. I'm crying tears of sadness at lives cut short or families struggling. I'm crying tears of happiness because I am surrounded by these people I love in this community that feels more like home most days. I'm crying tears of awe as I stand in a dark church, the people I love holding small flames, lighting up the darkness. Proclaiming, in the face of hate and anger and war and famine, that love wins. God's goodness, mercy, and love win.

The candles are a metaphor for everything I have to believe in to keep myself from falling off the deep end.

Love wins. The beauty, goodness, and kindness of the world is more powerful than the hatred and anger. Good shall overcome. Good is overcoming now.

I forget those things. I worry. I cry.

And then I stand in a crowded church, the moonlight streaming in, the light of our candles streaming out, and I am renewed.

May our light continue to stream out. May it overpower the darkness. May love win in big and small ways.

Merry Christmas.

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