Saturday, July 9, 2016


When our muscles are fatigued, we soak in a tub with epsom salt. To aid recovery, we are instructed to soak in an ice bath. When we have the chicken pox, we soak in a tub with oatmeal. When we have a burn, we soak it in aloe.

When we need to recover and heal, we are instructed to soak.

I do not think I am alone in my need to recover and heal from the horrific news that bombards us constantly. I am weary. From the safety net of my little, white, middle class, mountain world, I am weary. I can only imagine how those raising black sons, those living in black skin, those wearing police uniforms, those who love police officers, feel every time they step out of the door and into a world that seems stuck in a cycle of hate and violence, violence and hate.

I need to soak.

I have to remind myself about a billion times a day that there is so much good. There really, really is. But there are also people being shot while lying helpless on the ground and people being shot while keeping the peace and doing their jobs. There is so much evil. There really, really is. And the evil is noisy and visceral, ugly and grotesque. I have to fight to keep my focus on the good and away from the evil. Sometimes I fail.

I need to soak.

I am a Christian, which all too often feels like a bad word. Apparently Trump is now a Christian. Those crazy, hate-filled Westboro Baptist people purport to be Christians. Far too many Christians make the news for getting all bent out of shape because people say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, but can't seem to muster up the energy to support equal rights for non-white, non-male, non-heterosexual people.

Soak? Yes. Please.

I really am proud to be a Christian who tries her darndest to live like Christ did. I fail repeatedly every hour, but my guiding forces and compass are love, grace, and God. Repeat, I fail repeatedly every hour.

I am realizing more and more that I need to quiet the world around me. Beyond spending more time outside, reading more good books, and laughing with my family and friends,  I need to take a long and luxurious soak in God's word. I need to focus on the truth, beauty, and hope found in God.

There are those of you currently rolling your eyes. You're thinking about the wars started in the name of religion and the Westboro Baptist psychos. It's possible you're also the people who remind others that crazy people who radicalize Islam don't speak for the majority of Muslims. They most certainly do not, in the same way that Westboro doesn't speak for me.

I am overwhelmed and weary and the world is too much for me. Maybe you know the feeling? I could numb myself with reality tv or booze or drugs or shopping or whatever other vice is out there, but I don't want to do any of those things. I don't want to drown my sorrows by creating more sorrows and ignoring my responsibilities. I want to take my sorrows to God. I want to rest in God's shelter. I want to be reminded that the world is bigger than the moments we are living right now. Those things happen when I grow in my relationship with Christ. If it is true that we become more and more like the people we spend the most time with, I can honestly say that I want to be more like Christ, so I need to spend more time with the bible.

It sounds hokey, even to me as I write it. It's so different from what most people do today. But then I remind myself that what most people do today isn't working. We're more angry and more medicated and less connected than ever. Maybe now is just the time to do something that most people aren't doing.

So I'm going to soak. I'm going to read the bible and pray more. I'm going to set time aside each day for quiet and contemplation and soaking.

**Are you interested in joining me? Or are you already doing this and can you be a resource for me? There is so much of the bible I don't understand. I don't want to just read the words to say I read them. I want to soak in them. I think a bible study or guide would help. I want to be encouraged, but not babied or spoken down to, and also challenged, but not overwhelmed. Please share any bible study or reading guides that might help me. Thanks.


  1. I would love to join you. Any area or book that you would like to start in? I think I can find some Bible studies and such.

  2. i really like she reads truth, they follow different study themes and have a daily blog post.

    1. I'm on their blog and reading part of the study of Acts. i see that they have a study of Ruth coming up. Do you just use the blog or is purchasing the book necessary? Thanks!