Saturday, December 31, 2016

Because every blogger needs a New Year's Eve post

Many people have grand expectations for the new year. Self help book sales skyrocket, the gym is packed, and the grocery store might even sell out of kale and broccoli. It's that serious, people. We want to greet the new year with hopes and dreams for our best self.

I actually expect January 1, 2017 to start much like December 31, 2016, with a toddler sitting up in his bed at 5:43 am shouting, "I'm weally, weally, weally hungry for snack."

Because as much money as we spend on self help book, gym memberships, and kale, most of those hopes and dreams end by Valentine's Day. We are creatures of habit, and, yes, we can change, but it's usually a mostly uphill battle.

I'm not trying to be a buzzkill for your grand resolutions. I'm saying that if we have a resolution or a goal, we need an actual plan. The kids and I have been talking about our goals. One wants to make it down a certain black ski run without falling. Another just switched from skiing to snowboarding this year and wants to improve enough to go down a blue. I want to read my bible daily and PR on my marathon. I want to engage a group of women in my area to meet monthly to volunteer or raise money for organizations serving our world in impactful and empowering ways.

Those are all "noble pursuits," but wants can't become reality unless we break them down into smaller goals. To get down a black run without falling, that kid wants to add some core and quad exercises into his week. To improve enough to go down a blue, that kid wants to challenge himself to more difficult runs each time he hits the slopes. To read my bible daily, I am setting aside a certain time each day that is my uninterrupted bible time. To improve on my marathon time, I have my training plan written out and my goal taped to my fridge. To get together with a local group of women, I've been jotting down notes and researching organizations. Now I need to invite others into my idea so it can become action.

Will we meet our goals? Maybe. Maybe not. But by breaking it down into small, achievable goals, we increase our chances.

By all means, make your resolution, choose your word, and dream big. I know I will. What would the world be without dreamers and visionaries, movers and shakers? But then we must take action. We must make small plans to reach a bigger goal. The world needs our best self, so let's give it to her. Let's become kinder, stronger, healthier, more empathetic, more introspective, more loving, more committed to this beautiful and terrible world in which we live.

Let's do this, people. Expect toddlers to wake up too early, chocolate cake to taste delicious, falling off the exercise band wagon, dust bunnies to multiply, and someone to throw up during your sacred bible reading time. That's life. So let's be ready for it. Come on, movers and shakers. We need you!

Hit me with your best shot, friends. What are your goals, resolutions, or words for 2017? Let's support each other in putting our best self out there!


  1. My goal is to run run Grandma's Marathon successfully. To me that means training runs every week, working on core 2 days a week, having fun while I complete all my miles, and crossing the finish line with a smile on my face.

    1. Great goal, Becky! You are so dedicated to whatever you set your mind to, so I have no doubt you will crush this goal. Happy training!