Monday, January 2, 2017

One word

In my last blog post, I talked about some overall goals for 2017 and how I plan on reaching them. Today I'm going to join the billions of other bloggers to tell you about my one word for 2017. I've chosen a word, or had a word choose me, for a few years and then fail miserably. I mean, it's a lot like a resolution, so why not be like most of the cool kids and fall off of the bandwagon, right? I've also come to the conclusion that the world can be divided into idea people and action people and I'm mostly an idea person. Follow through is not my strong suit. Well, in keeping with my smaller, attainable goals to reach my big overall goals, I have some small, daily or weekly plans to help me remember my one word.

OK. Enough chit chat. What's the word???

Present. What's that mean? Truthfully, I had no plans to choose a word this year because of past failures. Then this word popped into my brain and I couldn't shake it. Since it seemed to want to hang around, I explored what the word meant to me and how it could help me grow this year.

Present means being aware of, engaged, and attentive in the moment that I'm in. That can be tricky in our all technology all the time world. I think of the way I parented Isaac at 3 compared to the way I parent Asher at 3 and it is different because of the distractions. I think of the attention I give to my husband in the evenings and it's challenging because we both often have our own phones or computers and do our own thing. I want that to change.

Present also means gift, and I want to be a present to those I come in contact with, whether I know them or not. This can mean so many things. Maybe it's a smile or a hello, maybe it's a how are you note to a friend or relative, maybe it's bringing a meal to a sick friend. The options are endless, but if I'm present in my life, then I'm more likely to be a present or gift to those around me.

Will I remember I chose a word and stick with it? I sure hope so. Here are a few ways I want to break this goal down, and they are not easy! Well, the first one isn't easy.

1) I'm having my husband change my facebook password so that he has to log me in. This will cut down on my computer time, aka major distractions, throughout the day. Here's hoping he doesn't use it for evil and write rude things online in my name. :)

2) Write one random, just because note per week. I am a huge supporter of the U.S. Postal Service because I love writing notes. I know that puts me in the minority, and I never expect mail in return, but I still love it. A surprise note in the mailbox is a day brightener and an easy present to give to friends and family near and far.

3) Since we went on a family vacation in lieu of any Christmas gifts under the tree, I made each kid a certificate saying that they are "The Kid of the Month" three months of the year. With four kids, alone time with a parent is a hot commodity, so I thought this would be a great way to be present with one kid at a time. Being kid of the month means that the kid gets one fun activity with mom, one fun activity with dad, and gets to choose a book to do a small book club with me for that month. Elliot is first and he chose an arcade with me and a movie with his dad so we'll get those dates on the calendar. We're still looking for a book to share.

A few goals and a word and I'm as ready for 2017 as I'll ever be. Let's do this, people!

Do you have a goal, resolution, or word? Let's hear about it!


  1. Thank you for this honest, reflective post - as someone who can't even remember what last year's OneWord was, I can relate to forgetting resolutions. I love your ideas for putting your goal into action, especially the "kid of the month." You've inspired me to jot down my own ideas for creating an action plan.

  2. Love the kid of the month idea! Have you read "present over perfect" yet? I haven't but have heard a lot of good things!!