Wednesday, February 1, 2017

When you want one nice picture

What? It's February, you say? Too late to post about Christmas, you say? Well, I've had this sitting in my little blog queue for ages, so I'm posting it.

We forgot to take one before we went to church and then we forgot to take one with the beautiful tree and poinsettia background options at church when someone else could have taken one of all six of us, so I finally wrangled the troops to get ONE nice picture before we had dinner. Here's how it went down. . .

"OK, come sit in front of the tree, please. We'll do a nice picture, then silly."

'"Oh, you mean like this?," he asked. I will admit that he comes by his sarcasm very honestly.

"No, like this!"

"All of us like this?"

close, but a little too much cheese from the guy in the corner.

toddler wiping his nose

corner kid yawns

Apparently they jumped right to silly.

the dogs are interested in this.

I guess this is when we wrestle?

Well, they did want a silly picture with the dogs.

trying again. Still all that cheese in the corner.

maybe this is the best we'll get?

OK. all hope is lost. be silly.

"Now get one of just me being silly." (she's stroking her mustache.)

"Now just me, mama."

the cheese is strong with this one, too.
Offering tutorials to anyone looking for pointers in taking fabulous family photos over the holidays. Ha! I think we can file this one under the Epic Fail category.

Merry Christmas and Happy All of It to you and yours from me and mine. 

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  1. I think its a win! Bring on the extra cheese, send it to everyone you know, and embarrass the heck outta those kiddos when they're teenagers!