Monday, June 5, 2017

Two adventurers and a photo bomber

On Saturday, we dropped Audrey off with my mom so they could fly north to South Dakota to spend four days with my grandparents. My mom, who had her trip planned for a few months, called Wednesday to see if Audrey could join her, so it was a very last minute decision for our family. Audrey is in her own little version of heaven on earth with projects galore to do to help Grandma and Grandpa, s'mores to roast over the bonfire with the lake in the background, and uninterrupted time with three grown-ups and no other children. It's seriously so many of her favorite things.

Hence the name of the blog post!
We miss her. There is no one here to reign us in, help us toe the line, create silly games, and set the table at lunchtime. She is our voice of reason, our silly sister, our great helper, our grandiose communicator, and our feeler of all the feels. 
And they're off! How cute are they!?

I am so thankful that she has this time with my mom and my grandparents, who are truly more like a bonus set of parents to me. How fortunate I am to be loved so well by so many. Audrey is doing many of the things I did while growing up close to my grandparents, so I know these memories will mean the world to all of them.

We're holding down the fort with all things baseball, Isaac starting his summer jobs, and the start of swim lessons. It is a break from the regular school year, but we still do math every day and we continue to read fiction and non-fiction because we are hardcore book people. To illustrate the point, our library has a summer reading program and the summer long goal is 8 hours of reading per person. The program runs from June 1-July 31. Isaac is a teen volunteer at the library, so his goal was to sign up for a volunteer shift on June 2 so that he could read the entire 8 hours before his shift and get all of the prizes on the second day of summer. Mission accomplished for Isaac.

Our Sunday was spent with church, baseball pictures and practice, soft toss and nerf gun in the front yard, grilling, dinner on the deck, bedtime stories, and a little NBA finals.

With public schools out in our state, summer is in full effect here. What's your favorite summertime activity? Happy summer!

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