About Me

My name is DeNae vanWestrienen. I usually answer to mama because I spend my days homeschooling our four children. Well, I mainly homeschool our oldest three kids, Isaac-10, Audrey-7, and Elliot-5, and serve as holder, feeder, and all-around entertainer to the baby formerly known as Cuatro who now goes by the name Asher and the nicknames Asher boy, boo boo, Bear, and Goose.

I'm a mama. I'm a wife. I'm a runner. Lover of words. Overthinker. Overfeeler. Card writer. Volunteer. Hug giver. Baby snuggler. Book reader. Back rubber. People connector. Wanna-be writer. And while we're living in the land of make-believe, wanna-be world traveler. Gypsy at heart in search of the right RV to take our family to see the sights.

I started blogging at The Wonder Years as a place to keep our stories, a chance to watch our family grow. That has evolved into a place where I am discovering my voice, my passions, my growing faith, my love for this horrible, beautiful world that we live in, and how I fit into it. I needed a new space for my musings and wonderings and landed here at Big Love. Epic Fail.

I'm goofy. I'm sarcastic. I cry and laugh easily. I sing loudly and dance ridiculously, thinking I sound and look good the entire time. I inherited this from my mom, along with my laugh. I'm fairly certain I'm succeeding in passing those traits down to my kids, too. You're welcome, world.

That's me. DeNae. Loved, flawed, wholly human, following Jesus wherever he leads.


  1. I'm so glad you commented on my blog today so I could meet another kindred spirit. It sounds as if we have so mch in common. Nice to meet you and excited to follow along with your adventures.

    1. Thanks! It's so fun to read about your family adventures. I'm glad to connect with you in this great big internet world.